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Hair volumizers are styling aids that make your hair look thicker, fuller, and more voluminous. They will make your hair thicker and thicker by lifting the roots and increasing strand diameter. Not only this, but volumizer extensions also give grip and texture to hair, thus making them an excellent foundation for various styles.

Therefore, hair volumizers are an excellent option if you want extensions that do double duty by increasing your hair's volume and giving you more styling options.

What are the benefits of hair volumizer extensions?
Benefits of hair volumizers:

Adds Body:

  • It enlarges the diameter of individual hair fibers.
  • Produces the perception of increased hair volume.  

Lifts Roots:

  • Adds volume and elevation to the hair.
  • Prevents a need for more volume and vitality.

Enhances Fullness:

  • Increases the volume of thin or sparse hair.
  • Adds volume and fullness to the appearance.

Versatile Styling:

  • It gives you a good base for many hairstyles.
  • It makes keeping up with styles like updos, braids, and big curls easier.

Out of thousands of different types of hair volumisers available on the market, below are the selected ones that are most popular:

Halo hair volumiser extensions:

Halo hair volumiser extensions are a revolutionary way to enhance and transform your hair. These extensions are designed to add instant volume, length, and thickness. They are straightforward and require no clips, tapes, or adhesives. 

Whether you desire glamorous, voluminous locks or simply want to add some extra volume to your everyday style, Halo hair volumiser extensions are a game-changer in the world of hair enhancements.

Three-piece clip set:

Three-piece clip-set hair volumiser extensions are a flexible and easy way to give your hair instant length and volume. With three separate pieces that can be placed in different parts of your hair, these extensions give you flexible options that look natural. The clips stick securely to your natural hair, making the extensions blend in and feel good. 

The three-piece clip set hair volumiser extensions make it easy and quick to get the glamorous, full hair you want to make your ponytail fuller, add thickness to your updo, or make your everyday style look better.

Four-piece clip set:

The four-piece clip set hair volumiser extensions give you even more styling options than the three-piece set. With an extra piece, you can experiment with different hairstyles and give your hair the desired volume and length.

Most of the time, these extensions come in four pieces, each with a clip attached. The clips are meant to hold the extensions securely to your natural hair, ensuring they fit well and do not slip off. The four-piece clip set has what you need to add volume to certain areas or make your hair look full.

Get your hair ready: First, make sure your hair is clean, dry, and free of buildup. Use a soft comb to remove any knots or snags in your hair.

Section Your Hair: Make sections in your hair. You can split the hair into two sections, one on top of the other, from ear to ear. To keep the sections separate, use hair clips or ties to hold them in place.

Put the Extensions in Place: Place the hair volumiser extension piece on your head. Make sure the extension is tight against your head with one hand. When you use your other hand, open the clips on the extension.

Application of the clip: From the centre clip, start by attaching it to your natural hair by sliding the comb part into the hair and snapping it shut. Do the same thing with the other two clips, ensuring they are evenly spaced and securely attached.

Dazzle the style: Once the first extension is securely in place, let go of the top part of your hair and let it fall over the extension. This makes the extension look more like your own hair. 

By following the same steps, you can add more volumising extensions to other parts of your hair if you want to.

With different types of volumisers available on the market, the suitability of these volumisers varies depending on the user using them.

Also, below are the steps on how you can identify which volumiser is suitable for you:

Hair Type: 

Before purchasing a volumiser extension, it is advised to ensure that it matches your hair type, whether straight, wavy, curly, or textured. This will help it blend seamlessly with your natural hair.

Color Match: 

Since users might have different hair tones, always select a volumizing extension that closely matches their hair colour to achieve a natural and seamless look. 

Quality and material: 

Of course, you won't want to use cheap, quality material, so always Look for a volumiser extension made from high-quality materials like human hair. Consider the durability, texture, and overall quality of the extension.

Attachment Method: 

Considering comfort, different volumiser extensions use various attachment methods, such as clips or drawstrings. Choose one that you find comfortable and secure for your hair. Most designers recommend purchasing clip-in extensions.

Size and style: 

Always consider the size and style of the volumiser extension to ensure it matches your planned and desired look since some extensions offer different volumiser shapes or sizes, such as sleek or voluminous.

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