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I Tip | Permanent Hair Extensions

Starting from  ₹22000

Length: 18 Inch
Number of Strands: 100
Color: Natural Black
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    Transform your look with Hair Originals Permanent Hair Extensions! Our I-tip or micro fusion extensions add length, volume, and texture effortlessly. Hair Originals single-drawn wavy hair and advanced process make our bonded extensions look and feel natural.

    Enjoy a hassle-free installation experience, completely free of cost at a salon or home with our expert stylists’ help. Say goodbye to bad hair days and hello to a confident, glamorous you!

    • Made with 100% human hair.
    • Get beautiful, luscious locks effortlessly
    • Lightweight strands of 1 gram each
    • 1mm rounded stick-tip for an easy, comfortable application
    • Italian keratin-bonded glue which is known to be the best in the market as it bonds with keratin of your hair and make sure it never leaves it
        I Tip | Permanent Hair Extensions  HairOriginals 18 Inch 100 Natural Black
        I Tip | Permanent Hair Extensions

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