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Frequently Asked Questions

Hair wigs, as the name implies, are the complete solution for those who have lost all their hair. Wigs are hairpieces designed to cover the entire head. Wigs made from natural human hair are in high demand because of their convincing appearance and the ease with which they can be styled to mimic natural hair. Because wigs are attached with clips, they allow for freedom of movement. They also have a natural appearance and feel, letting wearers go about their daily activities with confidence. On the other hand, synthetic wigs are less expensive and come pre-styled, making them an appealing option for quick and easy transformations. Still, wearing a natural hair wig is always suggested since it offers a more realistic and robust feel.

Moving on to wig types, the majority of people prefer two kinds of wigs:

  1. Silk-base wig
  2. Closure wig
  • Suitable for those looking for a shiny look, Silk-base wigs, also known as silk top wigs or silk base wigs, is a type of wig construction that aims to achieve the most natural and realistic scalp appearance. 
  • Silk-based wigs offer several advantages, making them popular for those seeking a natural and realistic appearance. Firstly, these wigs provide a realistic scalp appearance due to the silk material used at the top of the cap. Also, comfort is another advantage of silk-based wigs. The soft and lightweight nature of the silk material ensures a comfortable fit against the scalp. 
  • Last but not least, wigs made with silk tend to be made with high-quality materials and careful hand-tying techniques, making them a long-lasting and hardy option. The wig's high quality and realistic appearance make the higher price tag acceptable for those seeking the most natural look possible.
  • A closure wig creates the illusion of a natural hairline and scalp when worn. It helps the wig look more natural. It is like a magic hat in that it protects your hair while letting you experiment with different looks.
  • The most apparent advantage of a closure wig is its realistic and natural look. The closure is made to look like your scalp and hairline, giving the impression that your hair is naturally growing out of your head.  
  • Closure wigs allow for versatile styling options. The closure piece can be parted in different ways, such as a middle part, a side part, or even a zigzag part, providing flexibility in creating various hairstyles. 
  • Closure wigs are relatively easy to install and remove compared to other types. The closure piece is typically pre-attached to the wig, allowing for a quicker and more convenient application.

Silk-based wig:

Wigs made with a silk base have a layer of silk material sewn into the cap's crown, typically in the area where the parting would be. Because the silk fabric looks and feels so much like a natural scalp, it gives the impression that the hair is growing out of the scalp. This style of wig has a part that looks completely natural, and the hairlines provide flexibility for off-the-face and pulled-back styles.

Closure-based wig, also known as lace-based wig: 

On the other hand, a cap-style lace-based wig has a sheer lace material that goes from ear to ear across the front of the wig. The hair is hand-tied to the lace to make a natural hairline. Lace-based wigs are famous for being flexible and able to make a hairline that is completely hidden. They allow for different styles, like off-the-face or pulled-back looks.

Both human hair and synthetic fibers can be used to create wigs secured with a silk or lace base. Which option is better depends on taste, fashion sense, and ease of use.

Finding the ideal wig might be difficult because of individual concerns, aesthetic sensibilities, and inclinations. When suggesting a wig, our stylists think about many things, but here are a few of the most crucial:

Get your hair in order.
Wear a wig cap that will hide your natural hair.

Clean your forehead. 
Ensure your forehead is clean and oil-free, which might create hindrances in applying the wig.

Application of the wig cap: Stretch a wig cap over your head to create a smooth surface for the wig and to secure your hair. Ensure the lid is securely placed and all your hair is tucked in.

Adjust the wig.
Hold the wig by the sides, with the internal label facing up. Tilt your head forward and place the front of the wig over your brows. Place the wig gently on your head and tweak it so that the hairline matches your natural hairline.

Placement of the wig
Put the wig in place with a clip, adhesive, or an elastic band. ( depending on the wig type )  Carefully separate the hair strands and style the wig as desired.

Final touches: 
Check the fit, make modifications, and secure any loose sections if needed.

While there are many items available, very few will actually help your wig last longer. Our stylists will only suggest essential things. Below are the products:

  • A wig brush with soft bristles can be used to detangle hair and reduce the amount of hair that sheds.
  • Specialized sulfur-free wig shampoo and conditioner are recommended for regular use to preserve the wig's texture and shine.
  • Wig Stand or Mannequin Head: Keep your wig from tangling and in good condition by using it for storage and styling. Alternatively, you can invest in a Hair Originals bag.

Applying a heat protectant spray to your wig before using styling tools will keep it pristine and prevent damage from high temperatures.

Using a wig allows you to freely experiment with different hairstyles without worrying about potential heat damage. Just about any look you can imagine is possible, but there are a few that have the potential to highlight your most flashy qualities:

  • Add intricate detail and a Bohemian vibe by braiding the wig's hair into French braids, fishtail braids, or a braided crown.
  • Use curling irons or other heat-styling tools to give the wig the appearance of natural waves or curls for a more voluminous and glamorous look.
  • To achieve a chic and put-together look, wear your wig with the hair strands straight and sleek.
  • Pin curls, victory rolls, and finger waves are just a few of the retro and vintage hairstyles you can try for a sophisticated and elegant look.
  • Consult a professional hairstylist who specializes in wigs to have your wig cut, colored, and styled to your exact specifications for a one-of-a-kind appearance.

There will be days when you would rather not sport your wig; if you are wondering what you can do to preserve it in the interim, the key is to ensure it retains its pristine condition for as long as possible. However, we recognize the effort required in this regard. 

To address this issue, Hairorignals has created a bag to keep your wig untangled and its silky-smooth texture intact—no more tangled hair or constant touch-ups. With Hairorignals, you can effortlessly maintain flawless hair. 

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