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Topper With Bangs

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Color: Natural Black
Scalp Size: 5*3
Length: 16

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    Introducing our game-changing Topper with Bangs, the perfect solution for adding instant volume, coverage, and stylish bangs to your hair! Whether you're experiencing thinning hair, want to switch up your look, or desire a quick and easy style transformation, our Topper with Bangs has got you covered. The innovative design of our Topper with Bangs ensures a secure and comfortable fit. It features a lightweight and breathable base that sits comfortably on your scalp, allowing you to wear it easily throughout the day.
    • 100% natural hair extensions
    • Easy to apply, secure, and lightweight.
    • Silk-based- makes it breathable and gives a natural look
    • Perfect for covering hair thinning and baldness
    • Clip-in hair extensions of premium quality.
    Get ready to transform your hair and boost your confidence with our Topper with Bangs. Embrace a whole new level of style and versatility. Shop now and experience the joy of a fabulous hairstyle with just a simple clip!
    Sku: BWT/1B/16/53
    Topper With Bangs
    Topper With Bangs

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