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Hair streak extensions are colourful strands of synthetic or natural hair that are added to your existing hair and, as a result, create highlights or vibrant streaks. Streak hair extensions can also be clipped, taped, or glued in place, providing a temporary and customisable way to enhance your overall look.

In the total category of hairstreaks, we offer different types of hairstreak extensions:

High streaks:

As the name says, the streaks that are placed higher up on the head, closer to the crown, are known as high streaks. Instead of being positioned lower towards the ends, high streaks are strategically placed, which further adds dimension and visual interest to the upper areas of the hairstyle, thus enhancing the overall look and face cut of your face.

Low Streaks:

As the name says, the streaks are placed from the lower end of the head to the ends of the hair, typically towards the bottom sections. Unlike high streaks, which are positioned higher up on the head, low streaks create a more subtle and natural-looking effect which further adds more depth, dimension, and a touch of colour to the lower portions of the hair, enhancing the overall appearance without overpowering it. 

Curly streaks:

Curly streaks are those hair extensions or highlights that match the exact texture of your curly hair thus adding volume and colour while maintaining harmony with your curly look. Our curly streaks come in various forms like clip-ins, tape-ins, or sew-ins which further provide an easy way to experiment with different styles and lengths.

Below is the step-by-step application of the hairstreak extensions:

  1. Start with clean, dry hair and section it off for easier application of streak extensions.
  2. Attach the streak extensions using clips, tape, glue, or other specified methods, positioning them near the root for a quick bond
  3. Ensure the hair extensions are securely attached and evenly distributed throughout the hair.
  4. Gently comb or brush through the hair to blend the extensions with your natural hair.
  5. Style your hair as desired, whether it's curling, straightening, or leaving it natural, for a finished and cohesive look.

Voila, your streak extensions are ready to turn everyone's heads.

With different types of streaks available on the market, the suitability of these streaks varies depending on the user using them.

Also, below are the steps on how you can identify which streak is suitable for you:

Hair Type: 

Before purchasing a streak extension, it is advised to ensure that it matches your hair type, whether straight, wavy, curly, or textured. This will help it blend seamlessly with your natural hair.

Colour Match: 

Since users might have different hair tones, always select a streak extension that closely matches their hair colour to achieve a natural and seamless look. 

Quality and material: 

Of course, you won't want to use cheap, quality material so always Look for a streak extension made from high-quality materials like human hair. Consider the durability, texture, and overall quality of the extension.

Attachment Method: 

Considering comfort, different streak extensions use various attachment methods, such as clips or drawstrings. Choose one that you find comfortable and secure for your hair. Most designers recommend purchasing clip-in extensions.

Size and style: 

Always consider the size and style of the streak extension to ensure it matches your planned and desired look since some extensions offer different streak shapes or sizes, such as sleek or voluminous.

Versatility: Hair streak extensions provide the opportunity to experiment with a variety of colours without a permanent commitment.

Non-damaging: HairOrignals Extensions offer a non-permanent and non-damaging alternative to chemical hair dyes.

Instant transformation: Our hair extensions allow you to make a quick and effortless change in appearance by attaching them to your natural hair.

Blend and volume: Hair extensions can add quick volume and thickness while seamlessly blending with your natural hair.

Low-maintenance: Compared to dyeing, maintaining hair streak extensions is relatively hassle-free and requires fewer frequent touch-ups.



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