About Us

Established as a Pvt. Limited Company firm in the year 2018,“Krisoriginals Private Limited”Headquartered in Gurgaon (Haryana, India)is a leading Manufacturer and Exporter of a wide range of Hair Extensions. We have constructed a wide and well-functional infrastructural unit pan India that we call our Experience Centers where customers can try and buy these hair extensions.

Who We Are

India is the spiritual capital of the world, with a traditional focus on yoga, meditation, and Ayurveda—which promotes natural products. As Martin Luther said, “Hair is the richest ornament of women.” The spiritual mindset of Indian women gave rise to the tradition of offering their beloved hair in temples to the supreme power. This tradition is the origin and power centre of the natural human hair industry. The hair donated at the temples is auctioned by temple trusts, and the revenue is used to build schools, and hospitals, and provide free food and clothing for the underprivileged population of India. India is therefore not only the most ethical source for the natural human hair industry, but is also contributing to support the underprivileged sections of society.

Apart from the prevailing gap in the market, myriad unethical practices are being followed in the industry. This intrigued one of the alumni of the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology, our founder Jitendra, who himself considers ethics and values to be the driving force of life, to make this whole industry organized and bring the best Indian hair extensions to the beauties of the world. Thus, the brand Hair Originals was born.

The focus areas of HairOriginals are to ensure professional commitment, a well-defined supply chain and manufacturing processes, end-to-end quality control, and a customer-centric approach. HairOriginals aims to be a one-stop solution for premium Indian Remy hair (raw hair) products to the global customer.

What We Believe In...

  • We believe… Honesty and ethics will never go out of fashion
  • We believe… You get the best of what you pay for
  • We believe… in helping you make the most of your individual style
  • We believe… love is actually in the hair
  • We believe… real confidence comes from loving yourself
  • Counting down the TOP 8 REASONS to choose Hair Originals…

    Counting down the TOP 8 REASONS to choose Hair Originals…

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