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Thick Hair Patch

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Length: 10 Inch
Color: Natural Black

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    Are you tired of having low-volume hair and thinning hair? Revitalize your hair effortlessly with our innovative Thick Hair Pad Collection! Our double-clip system ensures secure coverage for thinning areas, while our patches, made from ethically sourced natural hair from Indian temples, seamlessly blend with your hair. 

    Ideal for daily use, the 4mm width of our patches caters to bald patches with low volume. Experience the transformation firsthand and embrace the confidence and beauty you deserve. Try our Thick Hair Pad Collection today!

    Product features:

    • 100% natural hair
    • Secure with two clips
    • 4mm wide coverage
    • Easy blend
    • Ideal for daily use
    Sku: THP/10/1b

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    Thick Hair Patch  HairOriginals 14 Inch Natural Black
    Thick Hair Patch

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