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Highlighted 3 Piece Clip Set

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Color: Copper Balayage
Length: 16 Inch

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    Introducing the Highlighted 3 Piece Clip Set by HairOriginals, the ultimate solution for achieving stunning volume and vibrant highlights effortlessly. The Highlighted Volumizer by HairOriginals combines two key elements: adding volume and colour to your hair. It is carefully crafted to add volume and eye-catching highlights. Unleash your creativity, embrace your unique style, and make every day a fabulous hair day. With the Highlighted Volumizer by HairOriginals, you can achieve the diva look that every girl desires.. This product combines the power of volume and highlights to create a truly stunning hair transformation. Wherever you go, it creates a look that makes the heads turn. The vibrant highlights will add a touch of glamor and excitement to your look, while the added volume will give you the confidence to own any room.The Highlighted Volumizer is the perfect way to add a touch of fashion to your hair. Whether you're going for a sleek and sophisticated look or a more edgy and daring style, the Highlighted Volumizer can help you achieve it.

    Highlighted 3 Piece Clip Set  HairOriginals Copper Balayage 26 Inch
    Highlighted 3 Piece Clip Set

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