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7 Piece Clip Set

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Color: Natural Black
Length: 16 Inch

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    Looking for high-quality clip-in human hair extensions to enhance your look? Our clip-in hair extension set is quick, comfortable, and easy to style, instantly giving you longer and fuller hair. Crafted with machine-made wefts, our extensions are tangle-free and available in various shades and colours to match your unique style.   This Hair Originals Clip-in set offers seven sections of hair, weighing a total of 100 grams. These pieces come with 1 four-clip volumizing piece (7.5 inches), 2 three-clip weft pieces (4 inches each), 2 two-clip pieces (2 inches each), and 2 single clips (1 inch each) a grand total of 16 clips and 7 pieces.
    •       100% human hair extensions
    •       Clip-in hair extensions of premium quality
    •       Quick, comfortable, and easy to style.
    •       Gives you longer and fuller hair instantly.
    •       Strip width: 9 Inches
    NOTE - The hair type used in the extensions is slightly wavy. The curls in the image are for styling reference only.
    7 Piece Clip Set  HairOriginals Natural Black 16 Inch
    7 Piece Clip Set

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