Hair Originals Journey to Shark Tank

Hair Originals Journey to Shark Tank

Hair Originals journey to Shark Tank
Hair Originals is India’s first premium natural hair extension brand.

Journey of HairOriginals began when the founder Jitendra Sharma was working abroad across Europe,US and Africa. His female colleagues started asking him to bring human hair from India. Hair is exported from India to many countries in USA, Europe and Africa. During this Jitendra found that despite people from India and abroad are ready to pay high prices for the natural human hair extensions, there is a big mismatch between the quality that customer expects and what market provides.

Being from one of the prestigious Engineering college of India namely IIT Delhi had made him a keen observer. He was quick to act and this led to the birth of a startup and India’s First premium natural hair extensions- HairOriginals.

Till date Hairoriginals has served in 21 countries and has now launched in India as well. Hairoriginals is only natural hair extension brand in the world to have featured in Shark Tank and got interest from all the sharks.

Hairoriginals vision is to be the first global brand in this space from India.

When asked with Jitendra about the future of Hair Originals. His answer is that we have just started and we have very big plans for Indian market as well as foreign market.

Bringing good quality hair extensions at affordable price and making it available to customers through Hair Originals’ partner Salons in their own city/town is our aim. We understand how precious hair is for any one especially Indian women. We are not only bringing them good quality hair extensions but also confidence, beauty and style and most importantly smile to them.

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