Questions Answered by Jitendra Sharma Founder Hair Originals

Questions Answered by Jitendra Sharma Founder Hair Originals

Questions Answered by Jitendra Sharma Founder Hair Originals(First Indian Premium Natural Hair Extensions Brand)

In this blog post we bring questions about Hair Originals and their hair extensions answered by Jitendra Sharma, Founder- Hair Originals

Q. How Hair Originals Started?
A. So after completing my graduation from Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi I was placed in a France based Oil Giant Total. My job at Total gave me very good exposure to international market and various cultures around the globe. I learnt many foreign languages, met people and made from around 30 countries. When I was on my project in Africa, I got to know about hair extensions. Women their were very curious about Indian Human Hair Hair Extensions and kept asking me to get if I could bring it for them in my next trip. A small research led to me to the conclusion that human hair from India is the best quality hair in the world. It has got great demand but there is huge mismatch between the expectation of customers and that supplied by market. I quickly acted and hence was born The First Premium Indian Natural Human Hair Extensions Brand.

Q. Where are your customers located? What are the complexities of a startup serving foreign clients?
A. We have customers from around 22 countries around the globe. Its a very challenging task to communicate with customers from such varied cultures. They speak so many different languages. They have varied demands as far as hair extensions is concerned. Handling them with utmost care is very important. I even till date check the quality of products and other things myself. We always rate customer’s satisfaction as our first priority.

Q. When you started focusing on Indian market?
A. Usually it happens the other way round but we after making a good start in foreign market started looking at Indian market. The idea again was queries my Indian female colleagues had about hair extensions. They were very keen to know about the product. How are Hair Extension made? How to wear Hair Extensions? Is their some DIY (Do It Yourself) products that they can put to use quickly and also remove them at their own will without going to salon. All the queries were questions from potential customers loud enough that we started fulfilling their needs and made necessary arrangements and implementations to make their experience fully satisfying.

Q. How you funded Hair Originals?
A. So in the beginning it was me putting my savings. Then few friends became interested looking my passion. At that time we were not working with Indian customers so it was mostly me communicating, understanding where to get best hair from, how to get them converted to the best quality finished products, meeting people who can get the manufacturing done and many more. So people were investing in my passion and hard-work that they saw. Slowly we were gaining appreciation from our customers. This led me to explore funds from some known angels. We also got featured in Indian edition of Shark Tank. The experience was very good we secured funding with all the Sharks showing interest in our company. This I see as approval of our future plans and growth strategy both in India and Abroad. We are also getting a lot of traction from other investors information of which will be disclosed from time to time.

Q. What are future plans of Hair Originals?
A. We want to make our production more stronger. We want to provide more customisation available to our customers. We want to make our products more affordable. We want to make buying experience of our customers more smooth. We want to provide them salon service to them at their home or nearby. We want to cover more and more cities. We want to train more and more salon professionals about how they can deliver best hair extensions related services to their customers. We want to make beauties all over the globe happy satisfied, confident about their looks, make them experiment with their hair styles.

Q. What you would like to say to young budding entrepreneurs?
A. I would say don’t just create products, services create experiences. We feel highly satisfied when our customers are happy with their new look. We feel happy when they succeed in their DIY with their looks using our products. If you are able to create a strong emotional satisfying product for your customers everything else will fall in place. You need not have to take help of business consultants, management gurus.

We Thanks Jitendra Sharma Sir, Founder Hair Originals, The First Premium Indian Natural Human Hair Extensions Brand.

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