The truth about Russian, European, Malaysian Hair.

The truth about Russian, European, Malaysian Hair.

Planning to buy a new pair of hair extensions? Guys, your key points to research for the most nocturnal sets must be ‘authenticity’ and ‘quality’ of hair extensions. Find those mind-blowing hair extensions and do not get tricked by appealing advertisements.

The industry is compiled with sellers who claim to sell 100% authentic and original Remy hair extensions. Some of them even declare that their Russian and European hairs are sourced directly from the native place. However, we always want you all to know the real side of this scam.

  • More than 95% of sellers mislead you by saying these phrases. They use such catchwords as an amusing marketing tactic to attract their customers.
  • Do you know that a majority of sellers sell Chinese, Asian and Indian hair in the name of fancy hair extensions?

Yes, we know that’s bummer but, to satiate your demands we procure temple hair from India. They not only qualify the quality standards but, are an amazing one to use raw and transform into flawless hair extensions. Finding hair extensions online is a task these days and, we can understand your concerns regarding the same but, our promise to deliver you the best remains equivalent to the quality.

  • The revelation behind these hair extensions must be apprehended by all.
  • We have revealed some gossips that you might not be aware of in the long run.
  • Yes, the sellers who sell original Russian, Malaysian or European hair are actually fooling you to the next level.
  • They usually sell other Chinese hair in the name and, you all won’t believe that there’s nothing wrong in doing so.
  • However, the only exception that remains is selling good quality Chinese hair.
  • Many sellers usually retail low-quality hair in the name of conceit Russian hair because they know how to entice and drag people.

The whole trauma is very confusing and challenging and many sellers take plentiful advantage of the same. They usually hide the origin place from where they have sourced the hair extensions. Sellers mostly price and name tag their hair extensions as Russian and Malaysian to grab handful attention. But, little did they know that we are here to let people know the truth behind this situation.

Here’s a little piece of information which will help you differentiate between original Russian, European and Malaysian hair. 

  1. Your European and Russian hair extensions are probably Chinese hair if they are purely straight. Chinese hairs are mostly upright straight.
  2. Your lavish hair extensions might actually be Asian hair. How do you find that? Well, Asian hairs are crude and grainy. They are harsh as compared to other natural hair.
  3. The third one is to realize that your so-called Malaysian & Russian hairs are actually Indian hair. Indian hairs are undulating and, the shores of the same are very light and slender.

So, next time when you carry your hair extensions be sure that they are not what you think about them. They might be low-quality Chinese, Asian or Indian hairs which are reclining in the corner.

We have always maintained high-quality Indian hair to transform them into superior & deluxe hair extensions which are worth each penny. Our prime motive is to deliver quality and not quantity. We proudly claim that our top-quality Indian hairs are sourced from temples in South India ethically. If you have been our regular client then, quality assurance is one thing you might have loved.

  • A group of sellers have been caught while they were selling Russian hairs for $120-$150. Is that even possible?
  • Well, we would like to tell you that it is complete hogwash and fraud that they do.
  • You might be surprised to know that real European and Malaysian hairs retail for more than $700. Yes, that’s true.
  • Many reputed companies sell hair extensions at a very low price claiming it to be Russian and European, which is definitely misleading and fictitious.

Another way to know that sellers are fooling you is to think behind the logic of original European hair.

  • Have you ever thought why European girls will give up on their precious hair which they have grown all their life?
  • That’s a huge commitment to donate hairs which take years to grow.
  • Also, do you guys think that they are dumb enough to sell their cherished hair for just $100-$150 bucks?
  • All of this is just an illusion created in your minds to satiate your hunger for European hairs.

From our heart to yours – Delivering authentic hair extensions

Our bit of information has always been something we believe and preach. We have not only gathered bountiful clients for our lush and superior hair extensions but, we have also joined hands with salons and hairstylists.

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