5 Best Curly Hair Cuts for Festive Season

5 Best Curly Hair Cuts for Festive Season

The time of year for festivals is upon us, from Diwali, the festival of lights, to Karwa Chauth, the eve dedicated to newlywed women.

Everyone will be ready to add that new dress to their cart, from Big Billion Days on Flipkart to great Indian festival sales on Amazon.

 But do you want to do something special this year?

But how?

Styling your hair can be one of the most effective ways to stand out this festive season; to go deeper into the styling category, consider curls. You can either get curls from a saloon or choose the best curl extensions available, which will not only save you time at the saloon but will also last until the next Diwali.

But what are the best curly hair extensions that I can wear?

Below are the top 5 curly haircuts, along with purchasing links, that you can get for the upcoming festival season to be the best of the best:


Adding temporary or permanent colored strands to one's hair to improve one's hairstyle is known as streak extensions. They offer an alternative to a complete hair color job for introducing vivid or contrasting colors.

Can streaks be curled?

Yes, just like natural hair, streak extensions can usually be curled. One of the main benefits of curling your streak is that, unlike traditional curling, there is no risk of damage to your natural hair when using streak extensions.

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Wavy topper:

Wavy toppers add volume, length, and wavy texture to the thinning or loss of hair. They attach to the crown area, blending with natural hair for a seamless look. Available in different lengths and textures, wavy toppers can be made from synthetic or human hair, allowing for styling versatility. 

Not only this,

They provide a convenient solution to enhance hair with beautiful waves and boost confidence. During the festive season, wavy toppers can create glamorous hairstyles for special occasions, adding a touch of elegance and enhancing the overall positive look.

So, this year, style your hair with a wavy topper and distribute sweets and positive vibes everywhere.

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Curly Topknot:

Do you know what’s the difference between looking beautiful and cute?

When you look beautiful, you can not always look cute, but when you look cute, you can always be beautiful.

These extensions, like the Curly Topknot, are designed to make you look cute. The festive season often calls for more elaborate and glamorous hairstyles. Curly topknot extensions can add volume, length, and texture to your natural hair, allowing you to create a stunning and eye-catching topknot. 

It instantly elevates your overall look and adds a touch of sophistication and elegance to your festive attire.

So, add a curly topknot to your new ethnic dress this year, and you will get thousands of likes on Instagram.

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Wavy ponytail:

A wavy ponytail, like a regular ponytail, is intended to add length, volume, and wavy texture to your natural ponytail hairstyle. For those who are curious about how it is attached, It is attached to your hair with clips, combs, or elastic bands, instantly transforming a regular ponytail into a more glamorous and stylish appearance.

Wavy ponytail extensions create a beautiful and effortless elegance that is perfect for festive occasions. The soft waves add a touch of glamour and sophistication to your overall look, making it suitable for formal events, parties, or even a special holiday dinner.

This is one of those extensions that you can wear to the Diwali Pooja as well as to a Holi party with your friends.

So, what are you waiting for? Click on the below link to buy a wavy ponytail.

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Curly volumizer:

One kind of hairpiece that can give your natural hair more volume and curly texture is a curly volumizer extension. It is usually made of human or synthetic hair and is intended to provide your current hairstyle with more body and fullness. 

The curly volumizer extension adds instant volume and creates a more voluminous and curly look when it is attached to your hair using combs, clips, or a built-in base.

Suitable for those looking for something unique to add to their personality, you can style this extension without thinking about damage to your natural hair. If you want to change the style of the curly volumizer, you can do so by straightening them at home.

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The extensions offered above are made from natural hair, so you do not have to worry about an unnatural look natural hair extensions will make sure that your look is even and hair is blended properly.

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