Planning To Buy Gorgeous Hair Extensions from Chinese Companies at Low Price? Wait, Because They Are Scam!

Planning To Buy Gorgeous Hair Extensions from Chinese Companies at Low Price? Wait, Because They Are Scam!

Flawless and impeccable hair which fit beautifully is admired by everyone. But, your doubts and concerns are the demands that we solve. The hair extension industry has made its place in the fashion business and, girls love it off late.

However, to satiate you all with the truth we have to put out some fundamental information about hair extensions which are sourced from China. Have you ever thought where these hairs come from? There’s a whole lot procedure which happens behind your back which everyone is unaware of.

Paying less price for astounding and appealing hair extensions to Chinese Companies? Here’s why you should not to do that.

Do not get scammed by buying your luscious extensions from Chinese companies. You have to be very skeptical while investing in hair extensions. We have always made a genuine effort to provide Remy hair extensions which are sourced legally from upright sources. But, recently there has been a lot of controversies regarding fake hair extensions that people have received from Chinese companies.

We made an effort to find the actual making procedure behind the same and, the upfront truth was a bitter one. We found that various companies are selling fake and bogus hair extensions by naming them Indian hair which they are not. Digging in the rage of scams, we also found that many Chinese companies have fooled people by selling hair extensions which are actually bleached and are treated with various synthetic fibers.

Beauty stores which supply hair extensions sell Chinese hair in the name of Indian hair because it is much easier to sell this way. Our studies have found that Chinese companies sell Indian hair by calling it Brazilian hair, Malaysian hair, and French hair. Can you now guess the intensity and severity of this scam? It’s holy getting bigger day by day.

We have some figures to let you know more about the scam of Chinese companies.

  • The stores which deal in hair extensions are said to suffer from a lot of waste hairs. These waste hairs are used by manufacturers in the most unethical way.
  • What we have scooped out is that they usually collect all the waste hair and reuse it in the Chinese hair.
  • The tactic that they apply is the phenomenal marketing techniques along with their label “Made In China”.
  • People do get horrified by the tag but are surprisingly attracted towards the nonsense scam of Chinese industries because the extensions look alluring and oddly satisfying.

Are you making a decision to invest in hair extensions from Chinese companies? Take a moment and think twice before building the damage.

We know your belief about some products just cannot go down with our proclamations. You do need a strong phrase that confirms why Chinese companies should not be your final destination to buy hair extensions. So, we have compiled a list of known facts and figures to divulge the stereotype of buying hair extensions at cheap price which looks appealing but are not authentic and real.

  1. You are not getting the real thing

Do you think you did masters in buying hair extensions? Well, girl, you have to stop thinking this because it is pure deception that is created to fool you.

  • The hair extensions which are sold by Chinese companies by naming it fancy are actually fake or are the one which is wasted during the wefting process.
  • They are not Brazilian nor, are they Indonesian. You are just getting a bundle of hair which is a mix of so many grounded, unethical and synthetic hair.
  1. They shed hastily and, that is the proof

We think we have assembled enough but, this is something that must be known to everyone.

  • Chinese companies sell hair extensions which shed insanely and, you definitely cannot bear it.
  • Such things are obvious because the price you pay for so-called real hair is very tiny compared to what others charge.
  • What we have grabbed from the sources is that these hairs shed way too much.

Our hair extensions have been in the industry for quite a while and, they don’t shed, tangle or muddle when you run your fingers through it. So, always find the history behind each store.

  1. You get the exact same thing as advertised which is impossible

We researched throughout the day to find out the deal behind these hair gimmicks.

  • Chinese hair companies have flawless marketing techniques to attract their customers.
  • They usually sell the exact ditto same thing which they bestow. However, burrowing inside the industry we found that this is not at all possible in any condition.
  • These scam companies perm the hair and, make them look like exactly the way you want.
  • And, then, of course, the hairs are not real too.

If you are willing to get curly hair as per your preferences then, keep in mind that they are not virgin hair and are permed too.

So, the gist is clear that Chinese companies should not be preferred to buy Remy hair extensions. We have not only sourced real and authentic hair extensions but, our method of placing cuticles separately is famous worldwide. The HairOriginals have maintained the pride to provide you with the most exclusive hair extensions, which looks amazingly gorgeous and fits in beautifully. So, do not get scammed by the Chinese companies and trust in originals.

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