The Ultimate Guide to Hair Toppers: How to Choose the Perfect Hair Topper for Women

The Ultimate Guide to Hair Toppers: How to Choose the Perfect Hair Topper for Women

Hair toppers have become a popular solution for women dealing with hair loss or thinning. These versatile hairpieces offer coverage and volume, seamlessly blending with natural hair. However, choosing the right hair topper can be overwhelming.

So, are you looking for the perfect hair toppers?

And trying to decide which one to buy?

Sit back and relax; we've got you covered.

Hello there, we are Hairorignals (one of the leading hair topper manufacturers recently featured in Shark Tank). Today, we will give you simple and crisp factors to refer to before purchasing hair toppers

Before hopping in, let us break it to you: there are no perfect hair toppers. It's just about what suits you and what you like.  

But how can I find that before even purchasing the product?

Below are the factors that you can consider:

Determine your needs:

Before delving into the world of hair toppers, it is crucial to assess your specific needs. Take note of the areas where you require coverage or volume. Are you aiming to conceal a particular spot or achieve overall coverage? Understanding your requirements will help you select the appropriate type and size of the hair topper that suits you best.

Consideration of hair texture and color:

Each of us has a different hair type, such as straight, curly, or wavy. As a result, it is only natural that you must purchase the matching kind of toppers that will best suit you unless you want to style your hair, in which case you can opt for curly streaks that will complement your straight hair.

Moreover, color plays a significant role. To achieve a natural look, choose toppers that closely match your hair color, or if you want to turn some heads at your workplace, you can opt for slightly different shades for highlights or lowlights.

Exploring Hair Topper Materials:

As experts in this field, we can tell you that there are two types of hair topper material: synthetic, which is made from synthetic substances, and natural, which is made from natural hair.

If you want to save money, go synthetic, but hold on a second. Natural hair toppers provide a more natural appearance than synthetic hair toppers. So, our recommendation is to choose wisely.

Select the Base Type

The base of a hair topper plays a significant role in comfort and achieving a natural appearance. Various base types are available, including monofilament, lace, and silk. Monofilament bases offer a realistic scalp-like appearance and allow for easy parting. Lace bases provide breathability and a natural hairline. Silk bases offer durability and a smooth appearance. Consider your comfort preferences and desired level of realism when choosing the base type.

Determining hair topper type:

We know it can be confusing when you search for hair toppers, as the internet is flooded with data on the various types of hair toppers. So let hair signals break it into pieces so that it becomes easy for you to choose:

Clip-In Hair toppers: This is one of the most prominent hair toppers you will see nowadays. They are easiest to use and can be clipped and removed at home. They are a good option if you want temporary toppers for special occasions.

Tape-in Hair toppers: As the name suggests, tape-in toppers are taped to your natural hair using adhesive strips. Don't worry; our tape-in toppers are made from natural adhesives that won't harm your natural hair. 

They are semi-permanent and can last for several weeks before needing adjustments.

Sew-In or Weave Hair toppers: One of the most intricate and long-lasting results is sew-in, as this method involves braiding your natural hair and sewing wefts of hair into the braids.

 Sew-in toppers can last a few months and provide a more natural look.

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