Getting Creative with Hair Streaks: Trends and Tips for Adding Colour to Your Hair

Getting Creative with Hair Streaks: Trends and Tips for Adding Colour to Your Hair

Guys, let us face it: there is a big difference between someone who has added colour to their hair and someone who has natural hair.

Based on the research, it has also been demonstrated that adding more colour to your hair adds a jinx to your personality, making you appear more attractive and confident.

What does it mean to add a hairstreak?

To put it simply, dying a section of your hair a different color than the rest of it and adding a completely different shade of colour to your natural hair is the main goal of a streak. Not just color; one can purchase extensions from the market that are equally effective as coloring your hair.

For instance, brown hair that naturally has black highlights

What advantages does streaking offer?

Not particularly remarkable, but you will appear more attractive and enhanced, and naturally, the majority of the audience will find you captivating.

Additionally, a streak can give the appearance that your hair is fuller, which is useful if you are facing a side where your hairline is receding or you have bald spots.

Understanding the art of streaking:

Only a few people can understand the art of matching your hair with a streak To create a perfect streak, you need to understand the perfect contrast between your natural hair and the colour of the streak.

Accept the fact that not everyone is interested in art and craft, and not everyone knows how to contrast their hair with a streak.

That is where we come into the picture.

Who are we?

We are Hairorignals, a top manufacturer of hair extensions out there on the market, and we recently got highlighted on Shark Tank. Not only can we assist you in providing a permanent solution at a lower cost, but the cherry on the cake is that the extensions offered by us last longer than hair colours.

We provide the best hair extensions that will not harm your natural hair when styled, curled, straightened, or moulded to fit your needs.

Coming back to the main topic, we will make it simple for you to understand the art of streaking your hair creatively. Below are the brownie points that you have to consider:

  • The right choice of color:
  • Considering your natural skin color, it is always suggested that you choose the streak color based on your skin tone. Not only does this streak colour show a lot more about personality, but the red streak shows a bold nature, and the brown streak represents a funny and jolly nature.

  • Placement of the streak:
  • Yes, you read it right. The placement of the streak is equally important. Either you can place the streak at the starting point of the hairline, which will increase the volume of your hair, or you can try an asymmetric look, which will further give you an edgy look.

  • The thickness of the material:
  • The bolder the streak, the more assertive your personality will be, and the slimmer the streak, the more refined the look. So choose accordingly.

  • Blend like sugar in water:
  • When discussing the streak, it is critical to ensure that your natural hair can maintain a blend, as this will ensure that your personality is concealed. One tip: use a graduation effect streak to create a transition between your natural hair and the streak.

  • Trendsetter:
  • When buying a streak, make sure it is the most recent trend on the market; this will save you from purchasing an extension that is out of style. You can also get steak-related inspiration from the latest magazines and celebrities.

    But what about color suggestions?

    As we said earlier, below are the color suggestions that are in trend and will suit you and your natural hair.

    Since the majority of you have black and light brown colors, below are the suggestions that can be followed:

    Black hair:

    For black hair, you can choose the below combination:

    • Silver streaks will make your personality more striking and will add a touch of elegance as well.
    • For a sun-kissed look, you can also prefer to have golden or copper color streaks, as it is believed to add a warm and contrasting look.
    • Purple or lavender streaks can create a bold, statement look.
    • You can choose a gray or charcoal-colored streak to add volume, style, and sophistication; your natural hair will appear even more overwhelming.

    Brown hair:

    For brown hair, you can choose the below combination:

    • You can choose honey or caramel-colored highlights, as these might complement brown hair nicely and create a subtle, natural-looking effect.
    • Also, we have seen people with chocolate color-based lowlight, which adds depth and dimension to brown hair, so you can consider having it.
    • Golden brown highlights can also be a good option since this color adds a touch of warmth and a sun-kissed look to brown hair.

    Still confused?

    You can always search a variety of streaks by visiting WW.HAIRORIGNALS.COM, so do not worry.

    In addition, you can schedule a free online video consultation with our team of experts to receive advice.

    What are you waiting for then? 

    Enjoy your shopping.

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