A Step-By-Step Guide On How To Apply and Remove Hair Extensions

A Step-By-Step Guide On How To Apply and Remove Hair Extensions

What exactly are hair extensions?

Hair extensions are individual pieces of hair, either synthetic or natural, that people can use to make their hair longer or thicker. They are not natural hair that grows from your scalp, but they are designed to look and feel like it. You can use these hair extensions to change your hairstyle or add volume.

But is it difficult to attach hair extensions?

If no, then how can I style my hair with hair extensions?

Since I receive these kinds of questions frequently, the answers are below.

How to apply for hair extensions:

  • Prep your hair. Wash with shampoo and pat dry before starting.

  • Gather supplies. Get the extensions, comb, and brush ready.

  • Section your hair. Divide it and clip parts away so they aren't in the way.

  • Prepare the extensions. Open any clips so they are ready to use.

  • Start with the first piece. Take a small section at the back of your head and gently tease it—clip in the first extension piece close to your scalp.

  • Add more pieces. Release another section above, tease, and pin in more extensions moving up your head.

  • Blend everything in. Use a comb or brush to mix your hair with the extensions.

  • Style as you like. Curl, straighten, or braid your hair after extensions are inserted.

Moving forward, one more question is asked: What is the right way to remove the extension?

Technically, no rocket science is involved in the entire process; all you have to do is avoid the following points:

  • Don't pull or rip them out. Gently slide each section out.

  • Go slow. Rushing can cause breakage.

  • No scissors near your natural hair. Cut just the bonds close to the scalp.

  • Be gentle when detangling. Gently comb or brush out knots.

  • Skip harsh products. Use mild shampoo only.

  • No heat tools until all are out. It could be damaged if it is still threaded in the hair.

  • Let a pro remove complex styles. Things like braids may be hard to do yourself.

  • Never use chemicals. Something like acetone could harm your hair.

  • Avoid overnight sessions. Take your time over multiple days instead of rushing.

Isn't it simple?

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