Different types of hair extensions and how to choose the right ones for you

Different types of hair extensions and how to choose the right ones for you

According to research, a good hairstyle can increase your confidence by about 47 percent. Nowadays, the internet is flooded with thousands of videos explaining the right hairstyle according to your face cuts.

But what about those 60 percent of people around the world who are facing hair loss? Have you ever thought about their confidence? What about their perfect hairstyle?

Well, that’s where we come in…

Hello there, we are Hairorignals (one of the leading hair extension manufacturers recently featured in Shark Tank). Today, we will tell you how we are helping 60 percent of the population increase their confidence. 

Before hopping in, let us break it to you: there is no such thing as perfect hair extensions. It's just about what suits you and what you like.  

But how can I find that before even purchasing the product?

Below are the various types of extensions that you can choose if you're facing hair loss or if you wish to achieve a style without damaging your natural hair

  1. Scalp topper: 

Suitable for Problems like low hair growth in the scalp and thinning hair in the scalp

As a specialist in this field, we have noticed that most hair loss starts in the scalp area, leading to low-volume and thinning hair. So, in such cases, dermatologists and hair stylists usually suggest a scalp topper.

The scalp topper extensions will help you cover low-volume hair, pattern baldness, and patchy hair growth to transform your look entirely within seconds.

  • Clip-in hair extensions:  

  • Suitable for: Problems like low hair growth and low volume hair

    These are perfect solutions for those who need more time. These temporary extensions can be easily clipped into your natural hair. They come in multiple wefts and colors of varying widths and can be attached or removed. 

    Clip-in extensions are well-known for adding volume, length, or highlights to your hair for special occasions. So, the next time you want to look your best at a wedding, consider investing in clip-in extensions.

  • Streaks: 

  • Suitable for styling and adding volume and contrast.

    May we have the attention of those looking for something new and stylish?

    If you want something rad, Streak is for you. A streak is a colored highlight for hair. 

    They add depth and dimension to the hair and have a contrasting effect. Streaks can be strategically placed throughout the hair for customization and personal expression. So, the next time your stylist suggests having your hair streaked, you can say no because a streak extension may be a better option.

  • Ponytail extensions:

  • Suitable for: People with fine or thin hair want big hair for any occasion.

    Yes, you saw it right; nowadays, they are getting trendy as you can style them per your requirements. These are specifically designed to add length and volume to a ponytail hairstyle. Ponytail extensions allow a quick and convenient way to achieve a fuller and longer ponytail without extensive styling or cutting off your natural hair. 

    They come in various lengths, textures, and colors to match your hair and desired look. Ponytail extensions are a popular choice for special occasions or when you want to add some extra flair to your hairstyle.

  • Bang extensions:

  • Suitable for: Those who want to try something different, have a receding hairline, or have slow-growing hair.

    Bang extensions are also known as cuteness extensions, as they are supposed to add fringe without getting your hair trimmed. Usually, these extensions are suitable for those who want to try out a new look.

    Bang extensions allow you to change your hairstyle and try different fringe styles without a long-term commitment. Also, it is seen that many girls have slow hair growth. If you have slow-growing hair and are eager to have bangs, extensions can provide an immediate solution while you wait for your natural hair to grow.

    Until now, you should know what kind of hair extensions can give you what type of look. Furthermore, as an expert, we recommend that you purchase natural hair extensions because they are made from natural hair and can provide a natural look, giving the impression that the wings are just a part of your hair. 

    Want more help?

    At Hairorignals, we provide a free consultation to those who have doubts about the correct type of hair extensions. Don't worry; you don't have to purchase without us clearing your doubts.

    Just click below and book your appointment.

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