Best Hair Colors for Women to Achieve a Trendy Hair Transformation

Best Hair Colors for Women to Achieve a Trendy Hair Transformation

Imagine sitting at your desk in the office and suddenly seeing your best friend enter inside.

But wait. You see something different today, including you. Everyone is watching her. 

But what?

Her newly colored hair and the new look completely transformed her. But do you think coloring your hair makes a difference in your personality?

Researchers have discovered that when you change your hair color, your character also changes. If you become a blonde, you're more likely to be more fun, exuberant, and concerned with your appearance. Also, if you color your hair red, you are expected to get more spark from other people.

So, are you up for getting appreciation from your colleagues and friends? If not, then let's plan how you can get some…

Let us make things easy and mention the best colors that will help you enhance your overall personality:

  • Balayage: 
  • One of the most popular hairstyles you should consider getting soon Balayage is a fancy way of coloring hair that will give your hair an appearance like the sun has added its magical touch to your hair.

    Its soft and blended effect sets Balayage apart from traditional hair dye, making it perfect for those seeking low-maintenance beauty. It's worth noting that balayage works beautifully on short hair, adding versatility to its appeal.

    Application: It is a tricky process involving around six steps, but let's cut it short. It starts with dividing your hair into sections and hand-painting the lightener into small teams, starting away from the roots. After processing, the hair is rinsed and may be toned for the desired shade. 

    Price: 3000-5000 ( Depending on the stylist )

  • Copper red:
  • If you prefer a vibrant and captivating look, consider copper-red hair. The best thing about copper red is its versatility to complement various skin tones and personal preferences. Regardless of whether you have dark or light skin, copper red can be customized to suit you perfectly.

    If you're ready to turn heads and want a look that commands attention, copper red is definitely worth considering. 

    Application: Usually, your hair is divided into sections. Once separated into sections, the hair dye is evenly applied, ensuring thorough saturation. The hair is rinsed after the appropriate processing time until the water runs clear.

    Price: 4000-6000 (depending on the stylist).

  • Blonde:
  • That blonde girl looks fantastic; you have probably heard people say it in person or in movies. 

    It is well known that the blonde color is one of the most popular because it provides trendiness, versatility in styling, and a boost in confidence.

    Blonde hair is a trendy and striking choice for women seeking transformation. Talking about its suitability, it is usually said that it can fit in different ranges of skin colors. Still, specialists say it looks best, particularly on fair or light complexions with cool undertones.

    Application: It is a multi-step process that bleaches and lightens the hair to a pale yellow or white-blonde shade. After bleaching, toner removes any brassy or yellow tones and achieves the desired cool, platinum hue.

    Price: 3000-6000 (based on several factors)

  • Smoky gray:
  • In a world buzzing with new trends and possibilities, where we explore fresh styles in fashion and beyond, let's remember the magic we can create with our hair.

    That's why, in recent years, colors like gray have become trendy among teenagers and adolescents. Smoky gray is a modern and unconventional hair color choice. It can make a bold statement and set you apart from the crowd.

    Grey hair has the advantage of being low-maintenance compared to lighter shades of blonde. The gray shade can help conceal regrowth, reducing the need for touch-ups. So, if you have a low budget but style, don't worry; smoky gray can still make you shine.

    Application: Pre-lightening is frequently required to apply smoky gray, typically achieved by using bleach to lift the hair to a light blonde or platinum base. After that, a toner eliminates unwanted dark tones and produces the desired smoky gray color.

    Price: 2000-4500.

    In a nutshell, if you are looking for an extravagant personality, then you can think of these four best new hair colors

    But did you notice one anomaly?

    Every color application has many steps, including sorting, coloring, bleaching, rinsing, and washing. 

    In all these steps, you forgot one thing: hair damage.

    According to the report, 56 percent of hair fall happens because of artificial hair color. 

    But what is the solution?

    Well, that's where we come...

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