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Men Patch - Mono


Size: 8*6
Base: Mono

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    Product Description: Whenever one thinks about buying a hair patch, one factor of how long it will last always pops up in the mind. In the world where you can find zillions of hair patches,

    We guarantee the longevity of your hair patch thanks to our high-quality monofilament product. Introducing Monofilament base patches, which are one of the more durable as far as hair patch bases go.

    Product features:

    Soft and comfy: In the category of hair patches, monofilament hair patches are considered to be one of the most comfortable patches, all thanks to the material used, which enables them to provide cushioning to the scalp, making it easy and comfy for the user.

    Natural looking: Individual hair is tied to a mesh material in our monofilament hair patches, giving the appearance of hair growing from the scalp.

    100 % natural: Why settle for synthetic hair when you can achieve the all-natural look with our 100% all-natural hair patch?

    The package includes clips and adhesives for affixing the male patch to your

    Men Patch - Mono  HairOriginals 8*6 Mono
    Men Patch - Mono

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