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Men Patch - Mirage

Starting from  ₹11,899

Size: 8*6
Base: Mirage

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    Product Description: Hair thinning, balding, or bald spots: do you have them? Have you considered trying a hair patch? If I wear a hair patch, will people notice?

    Relax!!! Natural-looking Men patch to the rescue. 

    Product features:

    Lightweight: If you are looking for the thinnest possible hair patches, look no further than ours, which are made from a special, ultra-thin skin-base material.

    100% natural:  Instead of opting for synthetic hair, why not go with our all-natural hair that looks just as good? It will make sure that it gets blended into your personality, giving you a complete and surreal look.

    Well-ventilated: Thanks to the skin base material that was developed for those who require a light and ventilated feel, just like normal natural hair does, these extensions are a dream come true for the physically active person.

    The package includes clips and adhesives for affixing the male patch to your scalp. You can reach us at 8700797103 to understand the installment and selection of the product better.


    Men Patch - Mirage  HairOriginals 8*6 Mirage
    Men Patch - Mirage

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