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Men Patch - Australian

Starting from  ₹11,899

Size: 8*6
Base: Australian

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    One study found that for every seven men, one suffers from stress, anxiety, or depression, which in turn causes hair loss and eventually baldness, for those dealing with thinning hair, balding patterns, or bald spots. We’ve got your back. You are introducing a 100% natural hair patch that will completely transform your look in seconds and is tailored specifically for men.

    Product features:

    Natural appearance: One of the most intriguing features is the look; not even a single friend of yours will find out that you have worn a hair patch, all thanks to the natural-looking Base.
    Feather-light: Because we care about your comfort, we made these extensions lightweight and breathable so that you can wear them without feeling like you have anything on your head.
    100 % natural: Why settle for synthetic hair when you can achieve the all-natural look with our 100% all-natural hair sourced ethically from the Indian temple?

    The package includes clips and adhesives for affixing the male patch to your scalp. You can reach us at 8700797103 to understand the installment

    Men Patch - Australian  HairOriginals
    Men Patch - Australian

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