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Big Scalp Topper

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Scalp Size: 7*5
Color: Natural Black
Length: 16


Discover the latest human hair toppers industry innovation with silk hair toppers! These products provide fast coverage and volume for thinning hair. The biggest advantage of silk top hair toppers is their ultra-realistic appearance, which looks completely natural even under bright lighting.

The silk top layer creates an undetectable scalp-like look and imitates the scalp perfectly, giving you a super natural look. Our hair toppers are comfortable, breathable, and perfect for all-day wear.

  •       100% natural hair extensions
  •       Easy to apply, secure and lightweight.
  •       Silk based- makes it breathable and gives natural look
  •       Perfect for covering hair thinning and baldness
  •      Clip in hair extensions of premium quality.
Sku: HDT/1B/16/7*5
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Big Scalp Topper
Big Scalp Topper

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