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Uncategorized Why India is the only source of natural hair?

Why India is the only source of natural hair?

An industry that is reaching heights these days has to be the Hair extensions business. The beauties who hide their faces and have long, dense and voluminous hairs are none other than Indian women. Everyone loves a good wig and, you might be surprised to know that majority of it is made from original Indian hair.

Spoiler Alert – You might fall in love with HairOriginals 100% pure, virgin and Remy hair extensions that are sourced ethically from the Indian market.

Women are truly obsessed with bouncy and copious hair. As per The Dollar Business in July 2015, it is mentioned that the business has crossed prominences of success in India. The average per year is nearly 2000 crore which is abundant.

Talking about hair extensions do you even untangle the thought where your hair extensions come from? There’s a whole lot procedure that happens behind your back. The cascading bunches of smooth and shiny hair is Indian hair which is widely used in making hair extensions.

The love for hair extensions is growing amongst international chics. Why?

A slew of international women have been spotted talking about Remy hair extensions which are gorgeous and sumptuous to the next level. Are you all aware of the fact that why people from America and other countries love wearing hair extensions? Why is that? Do they don’t have natural hair growth?

  • Well, to be precise and point-specific we would love to tell you that their hair growth is way less than Indian women’s hair growth.
  • The major beauty standards as per defined by many assert that women must have good body, skin, shape and even hair.
  • This obsession amongst women is giving birth to the rational usage of hair extensions across the globe. However, one must remember that they are beautiful just the way they are.

Talking about hair extensions many of you are aware that Americans have textured hair which is greasy, curly and often less than their shoulder.

  • So, to combat this little piece of the problem they, usually opt for bouncy, shiny and smooth hair extensions that are worthy of everyone’s attention.
  • Women love the way they look after wrapping that piece of gorgeous hair extensions on their head.
  • What can be better than making women feel in love with her by rendering them quality approved hair extensions from HairOriginals?

The elegant hairs that you are eyeing on are sourced from India!

A point to remark is that India is the only place where people get natural and virgin hair. But, oh wait. Did someone say virgin? Well, by Indian hair we definitely are not referring to the ones which are already chemically treated.

There are many people recently spotted talking about hair extension and Indian hair. Someone clearly stated that “Indian hair is thick, shiny, dark and slightly on a wavier side. It is very prevalent in the hair extension business. The point is very clear and thoughtful and many of us should learn from it.

There are companies who legit fool you by saying that their hair extensions are pure and virgin and, sell them to you by the name “Brazilian Hair”. Isn’t that mysterious?

  • India has a beautiful and unpressurized tradition for girls where they rush to the temples and donate their hair.
  • The temple rites are unique and, are purely based on devotees trust and dedication for the master (God).
  • Devotees (women) usually visit Tirupati Tirumala Devasthanam in Andhra Pradesh to shave their heads and surrender their divine and spiritual beliefs to god.
  • Earlier these hairs were abstractly used for making mattresses. But, now the situations have changed entirely and, the shaved hairs are used to make awe-inspiring and incredible hair extensions.

HairOriginals have always been gracious enough to source these hairs ethically from the temples and innovate them into gorgeous hair extensions which are drool-worthy. We endeavor our best to render hair extensions which are not chemically treated to suit your requirements and interests.

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