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Which Permanent Hair Extensions that You Can get for Your Hair?

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I’m sure you always wonder about these Permanent hair extensions, not just because they are a little tricky sort of but also because they come in very different variants that confuse you a lot, for which type of permanent hair extensions you should go for.

So first-of-all let me tell you one thing, permanent extensions are for those who want length or volume in their hair. If you want length and volume in your hair occasionally then I suggest you should go for clip in hair extensions but if you are the one who wants these two permanently then I suggest you should go with a permanent type of hair extension and also always go for human hair extensions which are also Remy hair extensions because they won’t damage when you go for any new hairstyle, you can also go for hair coloring, styling which can include straightening, curling hairs, crimping, etc.

If you want permanent hair extensions then let me take you forward, by telling you what different types of permanent hair extensions are available and which go best with your hair, and how they are attached to your hair?

Types of Permanent hair extensions-:


These hair extensions are also known as micro ring hair extensions, these are the most preferred extensions in India as these can be attached with two types the micro ring which were hand-tied into hair as well as with a heating rod by sticking these extensions in your hair with glue that is present in the strand, it depends on the preference of the person how they want these extensions to be installed.


These hair extensions are now becoming more popular as they have nano tip which is also known as invisible bead extensions, they are made up of a thin metal wire, installed with the nano rings which are too small in size that’s why they feel lighter in your hair than I-tip also they are easy to carry along.


These extensions come with a flat tip which is installed with a heating rod just like how the i-tip is installed. Its style is different but similar to I-tip.


These are also similar to I-tip and come with a U-shaped tip that goes all around your hair strand so they are not going to fall easily.


These are very different than all the other extensions mentioned above, these come with a flat wide surface which contains a glue-like substance in it, installed by using 2 strips, making a sandwich onto your hair, they are very comfortable while sleeping and they give your very flat finish look, these extensions are very common in different-different countries like UK, USA, etc.

Now thinking about how to remove or wanted to change them then the solution is very easy

The Extension which was installed with the help of the ring was removed easily by breaking those rings with a simple tool and the extensions which were installed by using glue and tape-in extensions were removed by using a serum-like spray. Now if you want any new style in your hair you can go for curly hair extensions, black hair extensions, blonde hair extensions, etc.

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