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Hairstyle The Ultimate Truth That You Need To Know About “Brazilian Hair”

The Ultimate Truth That You Need To Know About “Brazilian Hair”

Our previous post was majorly centered on hair extensions and the truth about buying from Chinese companies. But, our sources have revealed that there is much more in the industry that is happening behind your back. The truth that you all need to know about exotic, fancy and scrumptious Brazilian hair.

Before making a choice Read This!

Yes, they sound very lavish and intricate but, to our sad, they are the fake hair which sellers usually sell in the name of Virgin Brazilian Hair. This hair type is very popular amongst everyone out there. But, only a handful amount of people are aware of the actual truth behind this trade. If you are someone who easily gets carried by the slogan “virgin or pure Brazilian hair” then you must look up to this post for further information. We want you all to grab the insightful knowledge about the hair extension industry and, how people sell unauthentic hair in the name of pure and virgin.

  • The first thing that a virgin hair industry won’t ever commit is to let you see what’s happening behind the veil. If ever in their lives they promise to do so then, trust us there will be a whole lot of controversy that will take place.
  • The second thing that we have grabbed knowledge of is that people who sell virgin Brazilian hair are actually faking you. The virgin Brazilian hair that you bought by spending all your income is actually a revamped version of Asian or Indian hair treated with synthetic chemicals.

Do you want to know how we are so sure about this fact? Here is the deal that happens

We have been testing our hair extensions to make them apt for you all. You can blindly trust on what we source and prepare because nothing is concealed from our side.

  • There are millions of Indian and Asian women in the world who donate their hair for some spiritual cause.
  • The ritual has been in the world since ages now and, women happily donate their hair without any hassle.
  • Our little piece of information is announced in a way to let you all know how Indian/Asian hair is sold in the name of Brazilian hair.
  • Many of you are already aware of the fact that no other caste or race has this ritual of giving human hair to the temples.

So, now it is pretty clear that there is no such thing as Virgin or pure Brazilian Hair.

Hallmarks of Pure & Virgin Brazilian Hair             

The name that is literally all over the internet has a lot do with you. We have transcribed down some features of pure Brazilian hair which will help you analyze the hair extensions precisely.

  1. Brazilian hair feels very smooth and luscious and looks startling.
  2. They have a luxurious texture which looks sumptuous and royal.
  3. A majority of Brazilian hair is revamped version of Indian Hair and, you must always keep this in mind. (However, we source Indian hair ethically and provide the true colour, texture, feel and look of Brazilian hair.)
  4. The virgin Brazilian hair is very versatile and, they mingle beautifully with the natural hair colour.
  5. Though true Brazilian hair isn’t available in the industry we always try our best to provide you with the exact same thing (Brazilian hair extensions) which looks gorgeous and attractive.

But, wait wait. Are you disheartened knowing that you don’t have access to pure Brazilian hair? Are you also wondering where do we source our extensions from? We know you have a list to bombard us with the queries. Don’t fret as we have got you covered.

The Pure Virgin Brazilian Hair which gives you “Cherry on The Cake look”.

Our technology and processing methods have always been ethical and humane. We decided not to fool you but, tell you the truth instead.

  • We ethically source Remy hair from India and treat it in the most astonishing way.
  • You know it’s genuine and trustworthy when it doesn’t tangle nor has knots in it.
  • We have a bunch of hair extensions which last for about 1 year or even more than that if, you take good care of it.
  • Our promise of fulfilling your desire to have the best quality hair is always approved.
  • Our belief of providing the quality approved hair extensions which are sourced ethically is always a priority.

We know women love luxurious and elegant hair which enhances their looks and make them look like a diva.

HairOriginals attempts and always makes a genuine effort to provide you with all kinds of hair extensions which are made from Indian hair that are sourced legally without hurting the sentiments of people. We hope you find your best pick and flaunt it like a pro.

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