Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

What are Hair Extensions?

Why Hair Originals?

What are permanent hair extensions ?

What are volumizers ?

How long will the hair extensions last?

Does removal of hair extensions damage the hair?

How do I shower while wearing extensions?

Can I blow dry or use heated tools on my hair extensions?

How to minimize shedding & tangling?

Can I oil my hair with extensions?

How frequently can I wash my hair extensions?

Will natural oil of scalp damage extensions?

How are human hair extensions better than synthetic?

What are our DIY products ?

Do Hair Extensions Damage Hair?

Can I colour or bleach my hair extensions?

What are the best Products to take care of extensions?

How do I sleep with Hair extensions?

Will glue extensions damage the real hair?

Does refilling of my hair extensions damage the real hair?

Does heating treatment damage the hair or hair extension tip?

Can I go to gym / bike riding /running or exercise with extensions?

Can we go for keratin or smoothening with extensions?

Can I make different hair styles with extensions?

How does saline water affects on hair extensions and on its bond?

What if we washed our hair and hair extension with hot water?

Is hair shedding normal with hair extensions?

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