India is the spiritual capital of the world with the traditional focus on Yoga, Meditation, Ayurveda which promotes natural products. As Martin Luther said “Hair is the richest ornament of women”. The spiritual mindset of the Indian women gave rise to the tradition of offering their beloved hair in temples to the supreme power. This tradition is the origin and power-centre of the “Natural Human Hair “ Industry. The hair donated at the temples are auctioned by temple trusts and the revenue is used for building schools, hospitals and providing free food and clothing for the underprivileged population of India. India is therefore not only the most ethical source for natural human hair industry,but is also contributing to support the unprivileged sections of the society.

Apart from the prevailing gap in the market, myriad unethical practices are being followed in the industry. This intrigued one of the alum of the prestigious Institution, Indian Institute of Technology, who himself considers ethics and values to be the driving force of life, to make this whole industry organized and bring to the beauties of the world, the best Indian hair extensions. Thus, brand HairOriginals was born

The focus areas of Hairoriginals is to ensure professional commitment, well defined supply chain and manufacturing process set up, end to end quality control and customer-centric approach . Hairoriginals aims to be one stop solution for premium Indian Remy hair (Raw hair) products to the global customers.

Today the products that we manufactured are approved by experts, big hair extensions distributors and big salon owners all across the world. We are supplying our products to more than 20 countries. The repeated orders from same customers, with increasing order value indicates that we are heading in the right direction.

Hair Originals business principles:

  • 100% Customer Satisfaction
  • Ethical business practices
  • Use of latest technology and continuous investment in Research and Development to bring better and better quality products

Our team and global sales channel are growing and we invite hair extensions distributors/salon owners and customers to join us by buying our high quality Remy human hair extension products


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HairOriginals only deal with the best quality of hair possible i.e. The virgin remy hair procured directly from the temples of South India. These hair are voluntarily donated by women and are completely shaved off from their head as a part of the religious tradition in temples. These hair are then auctioned by the temple trusts and the auction money is used for providing Food,education and healthcare to the poor section of the society.

Almost every company/vendor calls their hair as “virgin hair”. However, the truth is that the only major source of the Virgin remy hair is from the temple auctions . We at HairOriginals ensure that we procure the best lot of remy hair from the auctions and from smaller temples .These hair are completely segregated in order to ensure that the head and tail of the hair are in the same direction.All the grey hair and the smaller length of procured hair are segregated to ensure that the lengths of the hair do not vary much in a particular hair bundle.

Why Hairoriginals is different?

We ensure that there is a value addition at each level of our product development.

Procurement: We engage with direct procurement channels like South Indian temples, where the women get their hair shaved off completely. We ensure that right at the source, the best quality of available hair is segregated and carefully bundled ensuring that the hairs are cuticle aligned. Focus is to procure the hair from those lots where the donor women have only used natural oils/products like coconut oil while grooming their hair.

Manufacturing process: The hair procured is again carefully segregated to ensure that all grey hair or dyed hair are removed. Special care is taken so that no harmful chemicals are used in any of our processes. We also ensure that every single strand of hair is carefully checked for any dirt. The cuticles are aligned using the hackling method. The hair is then washed and dried using natural shampoo and conditioners.

HairOriginals ensure that all the material used in our products such as threads/glue in wefts, clips in Clip-in extensions, keratin glue in Keratin tip (I tip/U tip/ flat tip extensions), tapes for Tape-Ins are procured from the best available sources. Similarly, we use the best in the industry HD laces for making frontal and closures.

Also, since the founders of HairOriginals have rich technical experience, we are in the process of setting up technical laboratory setups such as microscope scanning, segregation of waste hair by robotic arms to nullify human errors, etc.

Quality Control

Since the existing Hair industry market does not focus on quality control, HairOriginals’ key focus is on quality control to ensure that the customer receives the best possible products consistently. For this, we have a 3-layer quality control process


The 1st layer of quality check is right at the time of procurement to ensure that the proper segregation of the best hair with head-tail alignment is done.


The second layer of quality control is done once the material reaches the factory and further visual checks are performed.


The last added layer of quality check is to further check every product before dispatch.


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